Catholic Apostolic National Church

All things are yours…you belong to Christ… and Christ, the unique foundation, belongs to God”.  (1 Cor. 3:1-23)

Archbishop of the Province of the United States

His Excellency,

 The Most Reverend
Andre' J. W. Queen, SCR  
Archbishop of the Province of the United States,
and Primate of All North America

Office: (401) 495-5400 ext. 602  

Cell: (773) 940-9844

Email: [email protected]

The Archbishop of the Province of the United States …

His Excellency, The Most Reverend Andre’ J.W. Queen, SCR, is the Archbishop of the Province of the United States, of the Catholic Apostolic National Church . He is also the Archbishop-Coadjutor to the Archbishop-Metropolitan.  In this ecclesiastical office, he is the primary assistant to the Patriarch, the spiritual head of the church. The Archbishop also serves as a member of the International College of Bishops of the church.


The Archbishop’s Episcopal Seal…

The Archbishop’s seal is divided dorsal/ventral, with the blue representing the depth of the heavens above, and the red representing the sacrifices of the Martyrs here on earth, which we too, may one day be called to make ourselves. In front of and crossing both the representations of heaven and earth is the Lamb of God standing triumphant. The cross behind the Coat of Arms signifies the vast responsibility of the bishop as both a Diocesan Ordinary and as a Provincial Ordinary.  The Episcopal hat, or “galero” has six tassels on each side and is green, indicating the Episcopal dignity of his office. The banner under the crest reads, “Dominus Vobiscum”, which is Latin, and means, “The Lord Be With You”.


The Catholic Apostolic National Church ...

... Is devoted to the spread of the Word of God and the establishment of the church worldwide. The Catholic Apostolic National Church adheres to the teachings of the ancient, universal church, and seeks to spread the faith of the church to all parts of the world. Our parishes adhere to the traditional teachings of the church, preferring them over the innovations found in denominations around the world today. Our charge is the establishment of parishes and missions worldwide, to serve the Body of Christ.



The Most Reverend Andre’ J.W.  Queen, SCR…


The Archbishop has served as pastor of St. Peter’s Parish in Chicago, Illinois, where he and his wife also set up and ran the church’s first successful Catholic Homeschool Program at the Elementary School and High School levels. Archbishop Queen is also a founding member of the “Society of Christ the King”, a Religious Order devoted to community-based outreach work and Catholic education and evangelization. Archbishop Queen currently serves as the Superior General of the Society of Christ the King. The archbishop has written several books, “Old Catholic: History, Ministry, Faith & Mission”, “Oremus: A Prayerbook for Old Catholic Priests”, and “Credo: The Catechism of the Old Catholic Church”. In addition, the archbishop has assisted the church in her mission of Christian unity, in maintaining close ties with churches and religious organizations around the world, augmented by liturgical celebrations and speaking engagements abroad.


Archbishop Queen possesses the apostolic lineage of “St. Carlos of Brazil”, having received Episcopal consecration directly at the hands of His Beatitude, Luis Fernando Castillo-Mendez, Patriarch of the Worldwide Communion of Catholic Apostolic National Churches. Dom Luis was himself consecrated to the Episcopate by “St. Carlos of Brazil”, in life known as Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa, former Roman Catholic Bishop of Botucatu, Brazil, who left the Roman Catholic Church and founded the “Igreja Catolica Apostolica Brasileira” (ICAB) on July 26, 1945.

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