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Christ the King Theological Seminary

Christ the King Theological Seminary... 

... is a Theological Seminary of the Catholic Apostolic National Church. The seminary is run by the Society of Christ the King (SCR), however, it is open to both religious and diocesan seminarians of this Church, and her affiliates. Christ the King Theological Seminary is an integrated auxiliary educational institution of the Catholic Apostolic National Church, and as such, is tax-exempt. The seminary is devoted to the teachings of the ancient church, and seeks to spread the faith of the church to all parts of the world through faithful theological instruction. The seminary is primarily charged with the theological preparation of seminarians, to prepare them for sacramental service to the Body of Christ as deacons and priests.  Christ the King Theological Seminary operates under the approval of the Archbishop-Metropolitan of the Church, and by the direction of the Superior General of the Society of Christ the King, and is registered with the Illinois State Board of Education as a religious institution. Some class lectures are attended via online two-way conference using the internet. Students can participate in class, ask the Professor questions and take some exams online.


Programs and Courses of Study 

The programs of the seminary are geared specifically to prepare candidates for the diaconate and the priesthood. The programs are designed to progress as the student progresses, and allows the individual to proceed at their own pace. The coursework is reading and study intensive, and students are kept on a structured system of assignments, term papers and research projects. Individuals considering ordination are advised that successful candidates should have a bachelor's degree in a related field, although in special cases applicants may petition for admission and be accepted, upon proof of ability to complete graduate-level academic work. At the end of the first and second year, students are invited to attend retreats or participate in a ministry practicum at a local parish.  The seminary is established solely as a religious degree-granting institution, teaching the Catholic faith as held by this Church.  Students are expected to sign and affirm the Church’s “Statement of Faith” as part of the enrollment process.


Cultural Exchange Program


Seminarians have the opportunity, and are encouraged to participate, in the foreign exchange program. Seminarians from Christ the King Theological Seminary are invited to travel to Zambia, Africa to study theology, work and live in a parish under the tutelage of a diocesan priest. Participation can be for a short term or longer term period of time.


The Focus of Christ the King Theological Seminary

While open to all, the seminary's primary focus is to teach Catholic Theology, and to prepare seminarians for sacramental ministry in the Catholic Apostolic National Church. The seminary does not alter nor modify programs to accommodate students from other communities. All courses taught shall be in accordance with the theological tenets of the Catholic Apostolic National Church, and candidates will be expected to become proficient in those theological tenets.


Professors and Program Directors 

The Society of Christ the King (SCR) is devoted to the thorough and detailed teaching of the Gospel to the Church. Primary course instructors shall be members of the society, whenever possible. The program recommended for seminarians will lead to a Master’s in Pastoral Studies. This institution is a religious degree-granting program open to all members of the Church; however the main focus of the seminary is to provide sound theological instruction, and preparation for the sacramental responsibilities facing the seminarian.  No credit is given for “life experience” or practicum outside of the institution. Credit transfer is available only for earned work from accredited degree-granting institutions.


Regulation and Registration


Christ the King Theological Seminary is registered and approved by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). Christ the King Theological Seminary provides education and instruction solely in theological studies and related disciplines, and does not provide academic degrees in non-theological disciplines. Christ the King Theological Seminary is not an ATS accredited theological institution, and credits earned for coursework at CTK may not fully transfer to other institutions.


Fees and Tuition  

Students are responsible for the cost of their books and study materials. A complete reading list is provided with each course syllabus, including ISBN number for easy ordering and purchasing of books through most retail booksellers or direct from the publisher. Certain study texts are available directly from the seminary for a nominal cost. All courses are by directed study, to be completed within a specific time period as per the course syllabus.


Notice to Students


The following “Notice to Students” is provided as required by the Illinois State Board of Education. 


Books and Course Materials:


Order your books and course materials at the Seminary’s Book Store here.


Specific Expense & Costs:  

·         Application Fee: $ 25.00

·         Credit Transfer: $ 30.00

·         Distance Learning Materials Fee: 500.00 (one time)

·         Ministry Practicum: VARIES BY LOCATION

·         Graduation: $ 100.00

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